The Issues

Raising The Minimum Wage

Representative Martinez Fischer firmly believes that no one who works full-time should have to live in poverty. In 2013, Rep martinez Fischer was the driving force behind the most successful push for a minimum wage increase in over a decade. He authored and fought for House Joint Resolution (HJR) 26, a constitutional amendment that would allow for voters to decide on whether to raise minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $10.10. HJR 26 made it to the House floor for discussion, however, Republicans were quick to stop this legislation from ever making it to a ballot.

Rep Martinez Fischer is still committed to the fight for a higher minimum wage for all Texans and has filed a bill this session to raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2025 so that all Texans can live a life of dignity. Click here to see more about this bill. 

Fighting For Our Veterans

During the 15 years that Representative Martinez Fischer has spent in the House of Representatives, he has been a dedicated supporter of our veterans and their families. He joint-authored House Joint Resolution 75, proposing a constitutional amendment to provide tax relief for the families of deceased and disabled veterans. HJR 75 was approved by voters in November 2015.

In 2011, when Republicans, and even some Democrats, sought to reduce the educational benefits guaranteed to our service members, Rep Martinez Fischer fought against them and won. Since, he has fought to ensure that the education benefits from the Hazlewood Act are preserved and available for veterans and their families. 

And because Texas has the highest number of women veterans in the country, Rep Martinez Fischer  joint-authored HB 867, establishing the Texas Women Veterans Program, during the 84th legislative session. This bill takes better care of our women veterans by connecting them with the local, state, and federal benefits and services they have earned.

Fully Funding Our Public Schools

Representative Martinez Fischer knows firsthand the importance of education and the effect it can have on a family. He graduated from Holmes High School and was the first in his family to graduate from college, later graduating from the University of Texas School of Law. Known for his strong negotiating skills, in 2013 Rep Martinez Fischer was selected by the Speaker of the House to work out a budget compromise with the Senate, where he was able to secure nearly $4 billion more for public education.

In the last session, when the Legislature passed a budget that left Texas students underfunded, he voted against it – citing the cuts passed by the Texas Senate and the damaging effects that they would have for our schools. Trey has on multiple occasions been recognized by educational organizations such as the Texas Classroom Teachers Association for his hard work for our schools, earning awards including the “Friend of Education” and “Legislative Star” awards.

Standing Up for 60,000 Texas Children with Disabilities

In 2013, the Legislature cut $350 million from Medicaid services dedicated to acute therapy for 60,000 of Texas’ disabled children, for one of the worst reasons; because they could. Since, he has fought to see that those vital services would not be lost. Rep Martinez Fischer has hosted meetings with Health and Human Services Commissioner Chris Traylor, his fellow legislators, the Legislative Budget Board, advocates, providers, and patients and their families.

He has also testified at hearings and coordinated with his federal counterparts, including friend and colleague U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro. Rep Martinez Fischer and Congressman Castro met with top officials from the Federal Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) to ensure that the issue had their full attention and was examined on both a state and federal level. Most importantly, Rep Martinez Fischer has been fighting to ensure that this issue is brought to light and doesn’t slip by unnoticed.

Promoting Common Sense Gun Laws

Representative Martinez Fischer Fischer believes that gun violence is a product of social acceptance, and he refuses to believe that we should accept 30,000 gun related deaths a year nationwide, simply due to a fear of political retribution.

Rep Martinez Fischer was the most vocal opponent of both the Open Carry and Campus Carry bills. Despite both bills being forced through the Legislature by large Republican majorities, he was able to amend Campus Carry legislation to allow colleges and universities to determine where on their campuses guns will and will not be allowed.

Rep Martinez Fischer has proudly held a D rating from the NRA, even before his opposition of Campus Carry and Open Carry legislation. He remains committed to stopping bills that would make it easier for individuals to obtain a firearm without going through a proper background check or obtaining a permit. 

Expanding Access to Healthcare

Texas leads the nation with nearly a quarter of its population lacking sufficient health insurance coverage. While the Republican-dominated Texas Legislature refuses to expand healthcare coverage for purely political reasons, despite available funding,Representative Martinez Fischer has fought to expand coverage and create jobs for Texans.

Rep Martinez Fischer believes it is time for leaders to put people over politics and expand health insurance coverage to over 1 million hard-working Texans. That is why he filed HB 116, which would have expanded Medicaid eligibility for Texans and brought $90 billion back to our state to create jobs and alleviate tax burdens on taxpayers and local governments.

Additionally, Rep Martinez Fischer has filed HB2114 which would enshrine into Texas law protections for individuals with preexisting conditions, no matter what happens to the Affordable Care Act. See more about the bill by clicking here.