Fighting for a Better Texas


Fighting for a
Better Texas


Meet Representative Martinez Fischer

Currently serving as the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Representative Trey Martinez Fischer, was born just off South Flores, the fourth of five children; Trey’s mom was a nurse at Santa Rosa…

Chairman of the Texas
House Democratic Caucus

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  • This 👇🏽by @JeremySWallace @ExpressNews Translation = total s@&t show at the Republican convention. You know it’s bad w...
  • From Austin to Washington, Republicans are divided and unable to govern. Democrats will leverage our unity to deliver for our con...
  • “Share with who are in need & practice hospitality” Romans 12-13 The Pope is sharing what Texans have already known: Ken ...



Representative Martinez Fischer has been a leader on progressive issues in the Texas House of Representatives for the past 15 years. He has a successful track record of taking the lead on important causes and fighting for the greater good of each and every Texan across the state.


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